ADT - Articulated Dumptrucks


Innovative solutions and unlimited mobility for ADT Articulated Dumptrucks


Stregth, power, endurance and mobility are all distinctive features of ASTRA vehicles and reach their fullest expression in the ADT range.


Articulated Dumptrucks are designed for your working needs. Adherence and mobility on the hardest grounds and agility in impervious surroundings, maintaining their lightness, stability and comfort distinguish these Articulated Dumptrucks.


High productive performance: anytime and anywhere


ADT dumptrucks are safe and strong because they are designed according to high calculation coefficients. They can ensure the highest productivity due to their features and exclusive solutions, the majority of which are Astra patent. Their low tare can bear heavy charge volumes.


Minimum Operating Costs


This target is guaranteed by the vehicle’s solidity, long gaps between maintenances, low consumption and easy maintenance.