RD - Rigid Dumptrucks



Throughout many years of serious and productive work, Astra Dumptrucks have gained trust and predilection by many national and international companies.


Astra Dumptrucks, strong and economical, have proven to be suitable for any kind of work – hydraulic, construction, tunnels, viaducts, mines, dams, hydroelectric plants, motorways, drainage, etc…


All Astra Dumptrucks are designed to provide the highest productivity in quarry and construction, and in all earth moving works.


Dumptrucks are technically designed to encounter our national and international clients’ needs. This has led to a wide range of productive machines, highly reliable and user friendly.


Our vehicles’ strength is guaranteed by bigger engines and their structure, making our Dumptrucks easily manageable on any type of soil and rough road.


Off road safety is always guaranteed by automatic transmission (mechanical transmission - on request only). This enables the highest vehicles’ performance at any moment.


Chassis are made of high resistant steel and uprights reinforced with crossbeams.